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FAQs: General Questions

Where can I go or call to get information on job openings at HPHA?

You can periodically call 808-587-3447 for any current recruitment activities for positions within HPHA. Also, employment opportunities are advertised in the local weekend newspapers and are posted on HPHA's website at You can also go to for general state employment opportunities.

Can you hire residents living in a housing project?

Yes, residents can be hired as long as they meet the qualifications for a specific full time position being recruited for. In addition, HPHA does employ residents as part-time 19-hour resident aides. You can call 808-587-3447 for more information on job openings.

How do I get a copy of any of the studies and reports you list on your website?

You can email HPHA at with your request. You should provide your telephone number. You will be contacted on the cost of the document you want and asked to provide an address to where you want the document sent.

I live in a housing project or housing development subdivision owned by HPHA and suspect that illegal drug activity is going on at a neighbor's unit/house. Who do I contact to report the illegal activity?

You should call 911 and report the suspected illegal activity to the Police Department.

I am thinking of moving to Hawaii and don't qualify for any subsidized assistance because my income is above the minimum income levels, but I need to find an affordable 2 or 3 bedroom home to rent. Can HPHA help me? Where can I begin to look for "affordable" rental in the Honolulu area?

Unfortunately, HPHA can not assist you in your search for an affordable rental unless you qualify for our various housing programs. You should visit HPHA's website at to verify that you do not qualify for any programs offered by HPHA. If you do not, the best up-to-date source of information on the local housing rental market is the classified ads in the local Honolulu newspapers. You can go to, which has links to various newspapers throughout Hawaii.

I am doing research on affordable housing in Hawaii. Do you have any recent statistics on the inventory, types of housing, both homeownership and rentals, and shortfalls in affordable housing?

The 2003 Hawaii Housing Policy Study has been completed and provides updated information on the affordable housing situation in Hawaii, which includes housing statistics, trends, inventory, etc.. You can go to to view the entire 2003 Hawaii Housing Policy Study.

I have been trying to get some housing information on the HUD website, but it is so complicated. Do you have any suggestions?

There is a detailed guide to navigate the HUD website. Just click on this link to view the guide.

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